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Here's the issue I'm currently facing:

I have created a visual flow and hosted it on a force.com site page so that it can be accessed by a guest user profile. One of the functions of this flow is the possibility to "record lookup" from the contacts object: the guest user can input the Contact ID in the flow and he will be able to see basic info of the contact such as name, email, country.

I tested this flow in the Sandbox and it was working perfectly. But when I deployed it to our QA org, the guest user is unable to find any contact record (even though the record exists in QA org).

In QA org I went through all these steps:

1. I checked that the guest user has READ / CREATE access to Contacts, Accounts and my custom object
2. I checked that the guest user has access to all the relevant fields across the objects
3. I checked the Sharing Settings: both in Sandbox and QA, the Accounts object is set to "Private" and Contacts is set to "Controlled by Parent". However, I have no idea why it works in Sandbox but not in QA. As far as I know, it seems it's not possible to create a sharing rule with a guest profile.
4. I checked that the guest user has access to the correct Contact record type (if that matters at all).

At this point, I'm lost and stuck with my project :(

Do you know what could prevent the guest user from looking up a contact record through the visual flow?

Thanks a million for any advice you might have.