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This is true. Even I've been facing similar problems. But strangely in some developer accounts its not happening.

Dev, can you please address to our problem ASAP? I have been trying to know the cause. This is only with contact. With each account it behaves strangely so we are not able to figure out whatz the reason.

Thanx in advance,


Thanx for your reply on the sorting.

I have another Query. Its regarding the allDay event.

I am retrieving today's event based on the date-time of today (such as 09/25/03 00:00 AM to 09/26/03 00:00 AM). I am able to view all the event details properly but for the allDay event. How to get an allDay event along with other events?





I am working on the 1.7 version of xml-rpc version of salesforce api.

1. How can I sort accounts/contacts/leads etc. alphabatically?

2. How can I sort the events based on time of a day?

3. The data populated in each of the drop-down(combo box) such as subject in event/tasks, status in leads, industry in accounts etc. , how to retrieve them? From where are they read? entity -relationship in this regard is not clear.

4. Customized files such as Sic Code, interest in leads , how to retrieve them?

Please respond soon.