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I've created an sforce control to generate quotes based on opportunity information. I've gotten as far as creating the word document out of a mail merge template, create an activity to say the quote has been created, and open up the browser to the new email page using an email template. The thing I want to do now is turn that document into an email attachment. How can I do that????

This is the link I'm using to open up the email:

window.top.location =  '/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?retURL=/' + Opportunity_ID + '&what_id=' + Opportunity_ID + '&who_id=' + Contact_ID + '&template_id=' + email_Template_Id




  • August 09, 2004
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I have a C# application written to fix our salesforce data.  I want to set the salutation field to null (if certain conditions are met) and then update the contact but nothing happens.

this is the code I'm using to set it to null (curr is a contact object from a query result).

curr.fieldsToNull = new string[] {"Salutation"};

Am I doing this right??

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  • April 27, 2004
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