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I was surprised to see no one had asked about holidays already. Being that the SF calendar is the central place for information on meetings, vacation, etc., it seemed fitting that holiday information should also be there. However, there is no way I have found to auto insert all US federal holidays + Judeo-Christian Holidays...

Anyone know of a macro to do this via the excel import tool or the API?

Would others find it useful if we built one that was extensible to include multiple tracks of holidays (Islamic Calendar, Jewish Calendar, Country Specific, etc.)?


  • February 15, 2005
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I'm trying to create a new contact.  Im confused as to how the create call knows that I am attempting to create a new contact as opposed to creating a new account. 

result = sfdc.create(sObjects)  <-- that's my call for the create -->

 I am getting the following error:

Web service operation "create" with parameters {[[contact1.setlastName("St. Martin"), contact1.setphone("509-555-8302"), contact1.setfirstName("Duane"), contact1.setaccountID("00130000003mZ6ZAAU")]]} could not be found.


Have I built my Array incorrectly?



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