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I'm getting problems creating new salesforce lead with and invalid email. I'd like to insert anyway the information into salesforce database, but there's a restriction in this field; the email field requires that the email address entered be well formed. It doesn't permit me to insert it thru salesforce api interface.

Somebody help me.

Thanks in advance!



I'd like to have my information up to date. I mean, when some field is updated in one sforce  form, I'd like to obtain this information to my system.  How can i do this?

thanks in advance!

I want to create a new case thru the sforce Api and I need to know how to insert multiple values on picklist field.


Somebody could help me.

I want to join two relational tables with its respective relation ids.

for example, I want to join Account and Contact table with

with Account.Id = Contact.AccountId.