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Hi All - thanks in advance for the help.

I have a set of custom fields on a custom object - called "Benefits" - to track codes which people use to register for a conference. "Benefits" custom object lives on the campaign. 

I want to create a formula field on the "Benefits" object called "Codes Used" which counts the number of campaign members who have the <<Member Status>> = "Registered" and <<Discount Code>> = <<code on the benefit object>>.

Possible? Easy to set-up? What kind of code would be required? 

Thanks so much!
Hi all can anyone point me in the right direction for URL passing of cross filters within reports?

i've followed this guide and can't get it to work - i can get salesforce to recognise the cross filter but my filters within don't work


so basically my problem is that this works for my custom object


but adding in my filter within this doesn't work


has anyone managed to get url hacking for cross filters working and if so how - or whats another way around it?