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I have a couple of simple s-controls I'm taking over.  Are there any examples about how to put one-to-many items on a page?  I just want something easy for now, using just a script.  Or is it worth getting eclipse setup?


Is there something similar to the "retrieve" call in the AJAX tool kit? I am working on a project that will get all the products tied to an opportunity and then take he product ID from the query return and get the product code for each product and build a string that will be added to the end of the opportunity name. I know that I am going to have to iterate through the result from the query and for each product ID get the details of that product so I can grab the product code. Will I need to perform another query for each product ID so I can get the product's details or is there a method in the toolkit similar to the retrieve API call. In looking at the documentation in Eclipse I wasn't able to find a method that would do this.