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Hello all. New data loader user here.

I am trying to import 1000 leads into salesforce, and I'm using data loader so that I can specify them to a specific record type (titled: "Instant Networks Lead")
I created a column in my csv called record type, and put Instant Networks Lead in each row. I then mapped that column to Lead Record Type.
Upon import, however, I get the following error message: Record Type ID: id value of incorrect type: Instant Networks Lead
and then NONE of my leads are successfully imported.
How can I get this to work in my favor? PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE! The salesforce helpdesk said they cannot provide me with ApEx assisstance, they could only refer to sforce.com.

Thank you - I will bake brownies for the person who guides me along, as I am under a deadline to get these leads in!!!!

Thank you again, Melyssa
  • November 09, 2006
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