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There's a deficiency somewhere, either in the way SFDC handles Product Line Items or in my knowledge of the app.  I hope it's the latter.
Here's the problem.  We want the ability to apply percentage discounts for each Opportunity Product selected within an Opportunity and have the Total Price per line item reflect that discount, then autopopulate the Opportunity Amount field with the sum of the line items.
Currently, line item Total Price calculates only the Quantity x Sales Price (with no ability to modify the formula), so I can't include the discount.  I have created custom formula fields at the Opty Product level to provide our "true" price, including the discount, but our sales team will have to manually add, then enter, the sum in a custom "True Amount" field in the Opportunity.  In the meantime, the standard Amount field will continue to reflect an incorrect Amount (which means that I'll also have to reconfigure every report that we use for pipeline data to pull in the new "True Amount" totals (that'll be fun.)
Short of Apex or S-Control programming, does anyone know of a workaround?  I find it difficult to believe that SFDC hasn't had this issue crop up before now.
Any help appreciated!!!!  Thanks!