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Am I retarted or is this really all that is available using the Salesforce Reporting Tool. I can only group on 2 fields. Sucks because I need to create a report grouped by Sales Region, Sales Rep, Client Name, Product Purchased and have subtotals for each.  Help?
So I am using Open Source's ODBC to connect to the custom objects I made in Salesforce and my SQL server. Very simple and easy. However, I never get the same amount of records I push in. I will have a table of 75 distinct records on my SQL server and push them in a very simple method using the ODBC and only 68 make it to my table on Salesforce.com
Is anyone else experiencing this? Open Source told me nothing was wrong on their end. I just can't seem to find those phantom missing records. They have nothing different in them from the ones that make it through.
Very frustrating.
Hey Everyone,
I am new here and I am trying to find the best method to push data from our SQL 2000 server using a DTS job. I want to access the API via ActiveX. I have done this once before from SQL 2000 pushing records to Verisign.
Does anyone have any suggestions or sample code that may start me off? Thanks!
Natalie E. Poole