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Hello -
 I'm creating a web-to-lead form that asks the user if they want to receive email updates on webinars, live events, and software. This field is called "Marketing Updates" in Salesforce, and is a picklist. When I generate the code for the web-to-lead form, Salesforce gives me code for a picklist where the user can use the control key to select multiple options. However, I want to make it a little more user-friendly, and have the user select from checkboxes instead of a picklist. I know the code for checkboxes, but I can't get the data to pass through to Salesforce when I used them instead of the picklist code generated by Salesforce.
My code looks like this right now:
<td>Yes, please send me email updates on the following:
    <select  id="00X0000000XXXXX" multiple="multiple" name="00X0000000XXXXX" title="Mktg Updates:">
<option value="All">All updates</option>
<option value="Webinars">Webinars</option>
<option value="Live Events">Live Events</option>
<option value="Software">Software</option>