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My customer has a Professional edition Org where they have a few of our custom objects deployed already. I am doing a project that extends the functionality using Apex Pages and Classes. Since Pro Edition does not allow Apex Classes, I am forced to use a managed package to deploy my changes. 


Here lies the issue: My Apex Class refers to those custom objects and hence brings them into the managed package. So, if I install the managed package to their Org, they will have duplicate custom objects (which uses up their object count unnecessarily - they will never use the objects in the managed package - just the Apex functionality is to be used in conjunction with the original custom objects).


Is there a way around this?




I am using the WebServices API to query and update SF data. I am told by my peers that the maximum number of records I can fetch in a single shot is 16,000. Is that right? I could not find anything in the API docs with that number and I am left wondering where they got from.

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to get my head around if the following situation is possible. Some background info first:


  • Custom object exists in production org and was created manually under setup
  • Intent is to wrap this custom object (and future changes) into a managed package to control future upgrades


My questions are:

1) Is there a way for me to move the existing object and all of its attributes to a developer org without having to create it all by hand?

2) Assuming #1 is taken care of, when I go to install the managed package (which includes the custom object already in the production org) in the production org can the attributes and data be merged?