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I am having abysmal progress trying to get PrintAnything working.  None of my queries are working because the first one in the sequence comes back with the message
1. retrieve single row - Event:undefined
I go back to the custom button where I have defined the url for the event and do a Preview test on it and i get
URL No Longer Exists
I have used the exact sample code specified in the customization package but this is the result.  I have done everything I know to do, which is not much, but to no avail.
If anybody with experience with using PrintAnything can respond with what my next step needs to be, I would be grateful.  Getting the button to work seems to be the first step.


In our shop, Salesforce is replacing a currently working, locally developed app for managing contracts.  Main objective for the initial implementation is to use Print Anything to print contracts/agreements created using Salesforce.  We already have a full suite of PDF templates for the different record types and I would like to use those templates as part of the print process using Print Anything if possible.
I know a new standard HTML template for Print Anything would need to be created but I'm seeking to use our PDF templates.  Is this something that is being considered by someone who is close enough to PA to be able to include this print method?
In the meantime, if there is some documentation available on how to set up Print Anything over and above what comes with the implementation, I'd love to take a look at it.