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Has anyone created a Java middleware application between Salesforce.com and the RSA Java API to authenticate Users?


I would LOVE it if someone could provide me with some sample Java code:

-to pass credentials to the RSA server or

-to receive the delegated administration message from Salesforce.com in a Java Web Service.


Could anyone possibly help me out with this?


You can email me at tannershamrock@gmail.com



-I have acted as the Product Lifecycle Responsible for Salesforce.com for hundreds of users.  This consists of Web Development, Project Management and Account Management.
-I have created thousands of lines of Javascript for custom s-controls to facilitate business needs. 
-I have implemented system integrations using both Java and Cast Iron.  (SAP, SQL, SFDC<>SFDC, etc)
-I have utilized all features within Salesforce.com and consider myself an expert.
-I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and a Master's degree in Management Information Systems.
-I have acted as the technical architect to senior management for large scale global deployments.

I would like to perform part time Salesforce.com work, consisting of configuration projects, code development, system administration.  I can work with you for up to 20 hours per week.  This will be in addition to my full time job as a Salesforce.com Project Manager / Web Developer.

Do you have any upcoming projects that would require a Salesforce expert?  Do you have any custom s-controls / formulas / workflows / etc that you need created?  What else can I help you with?

Send me an email at tannershamrock@gmail.com to request for services or more information.
I am not very pleased with this rollout of API 12.  This subsequently broke all of our integration applications using Java and the API, all of our Cast Iron orchestrations, and many of our s-controls.

I thought there was supposed to be reverse compatibility?

We are getting Invalid Session ID errors on everything and it is costing us a TON of money to fix these problems.

Is anyone else having these problems throughout the board?  Any suggestions on how to deal with this on a large scale?