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Just wondering if any other offline users have had the problem where with first time use, your users are experiencing the issue where they get the error message
"Unable to connect to the server.  Request Timed Out"
We are also getting this error if users click the Update tab names and Synchronize my data options on the login screen.
We do not have a  lot of data in our briefcases as we have just implemented SFDC.
The support folks at SFDC have not offered any suggestions.
Stephen Hume
Trimac Transportation
I am running into a problem using an Apexchange application FTP attachments pro. This application requires to set up custom links that embed the record Id. Using merge fields, the 15 character Id is returned, however, the application requires the 18 character Id to be passed (using a case insensitive FTP server)! Is there a way to convert the 15 char Id within the custom link to the 18 char variant ?