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Incoming sales requests sometimes get routed to the call center/helpdesk, and these folks don't have salesforce (yet).  We want to publish a single web page (essentially a web-to-lead form) that will allow them to create a new lead very quickly and easily and then let the power of Salesforce handle the routing and alerting.
Here's the problem  - getting a valid Lead Source and Promo Code (what Salesforce calles "Campaign Name") for the web-to-lead form.
Ideally, the user would either select from a drop-down (that would pull from the active list of lead sources, for example) or in the case of Promo Code, simply punch in a number and get an erro back if it is invalid (after checking against the SFDC database)
Has anyone done something like this, and know whether it is possible?
Thanks in advance
Hey, I'm sure this is due to a stupid mistake, but I can only get the tool to produce an error message stating "Query does not contain ID Field .  ID Field is needed to update record(s)...
No matter how I structure the query using the query builder, I can only produce this error.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance
Never mind - just figured it out.  In case anyone else is having this problem. you MUST include ID in your select statement if trying to select from the Opportunity table. 

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Trying to use Mass Update and am getting
java.net ConnectException: Connection refused: connect error when trying to logon.
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