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Actually I wanted to know weather we can Trigger any External Application ( like Apatar or any exe) from Sales force??


       I  wanted to know that can we create a web service in sales force may be using Apex??
  which could expose methode which we want.like we do in .NET ??
          Actually I am using developer account and I have downloaded Enterprise WSDL .
      Now I have created a new VS 2003 .NET project and trying to add refrence by providing the path for that file
       in local machine.
     URL is like :  D:\enterprise.wsdl
   But it says :
     There was an error downloading 'D:\apex.wsdl'.
     Could not find file "D:\apex.wsdl".
     Could not find file "D:\apex.wsdl".
   Also in left pane it shows that  :  Page can not be displayed.
Also i have downloaded Apex.wsdl and partner.wsdl but the error is same.
Can anybody tell me what may be the problem??
     I am new to sales force I have read the documentation and all that stuff but now I have some questions :
   1>  What is the way for interfacing .NET application with Sales force.??
         Like I want to have some prebuilt application in .NET and I want to port it to Sales force
  2>  Can we access data outside from sales force ??If yes then how??
        I want to access data say from excel file or may be access,oracle or be it any database outside.So is there any way to access that data programatically using force.com
Any hits would be appreciated,
Thanks in Advance,