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I noticed that Maildrop doesn't require API but SF3 does. My company has the Professional level of Salesforce so we don't have API as part of our package.

Two questions ...

1. Will SF3 still require API once it is out of Beta and available via AppExchange?

2. I saw a post by Simon that says you can buy API access a-la-carte from Salesforce but when I called them the sales rep said that isn't an option. Can anyone confirm that they have done this without having to upgrade to Enterprise or higher?

So I am trying to be slick with sf3. I am trying to sync my entourage 2008 calendar with salesforce. So, in Entourage, I am using synching services to sync with iCal, which is working fine. I successfully installed sf3 and it is synching with iCal but only for new items that I create in iCal.

In iCal, I have an Entourage calendar and a salesforce calendar (from sf3). If I take an entourage event and change it to the salesforce calendar (all within iCal), it does not sync with salesforce. But if I create a new iCal event under salesforce, it does.

What gives? Am I trying to be too slick? It should work theoretically.