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Currently we have opportunities divided into two record types - svcs & soft
the svcs opps have the option to link to a soft opp.  The soft opps do not
have the option to link to the svcs opps.
I've been asked for a report, or view that shows all the soft opps with a field indicating
which ones are related to a svcs opp
so far I have not found a way to do that in SFDC.  I can export two reports to Excel and
find the common opps, but haven't been able to do that in SFDC yet.

Greetings All,


Long time user, first time post. Looking for some help with customization of revenue schedule formulas… The default divides the $ by # of months. I need the actual monthly amount - even if there's only 1 day remaining in the month an ad starts.


Scenario: Advertising Sales co. – Opptys/products to display the amount of revenue, by month, for the Ad term. In other words: actual “ad run” $ amount, per month. Also, the number of days/months an ad will run vary. Can be 1-day to 26-months...


Here is a simple example:

  • Amount Closed $12,000.00
  • Ad start date 8/15/2010
  • Ad end date 10/20/2010
  • Total of 65 days @ 184.62 per day

# of days the ad will run in each month is:

• 16 days, first month (8/15/2010 -8/31/2010). 16*184.62= What I need displayed is: 2,953.85 August.

• 30 days, second month (9/1/2010-9/30/2010)30*184.62= "    "  5,538.46 September.

• 19 days, third month (10/1/2010-10/20/2010). 19*184.62= "    " 3,507.78 October.


ANY help is greatly appreciated! I’ve spent countless hours on the discussion boards and developer pages looking for this solution... no luck (found similar postings; not resolved).  


Thank you!