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Greetings everyone,
I have an object that contains student test data for a given year.  Each student takes maybe a dozen test per year.
The fields are StudentID, Year, Test1, Test2, Test3... .
I created a report that shows the averages for each test for all students in a given school/district (loved how easy that step was).
The problem I am facing is that students will be missing some of the tests, so some of the values will be NULL.
It appears that on reports Salesforce treats NULLs same as zeros, which of course messes up the calculation of an average score, which in the case of results like {20, Null, 10} is calculated as 10 instead of 15.  I know that XL and Access do not include NULLs in averages, and I am at a loss on how to work around this in Salesforce.
Does anybody know how I can create a 'Average' report summary field that excludes NULL values?
If someone has a solution to this I'd be jumping up and down!
Greeting everyone,
I am an Access developer working on my first Salesforce project, and there are some things that I keep on banging my head against.
I created a custom TestData object to store student test data.  For each student there should only be one entry per year.
The object has both a StudentID and a Year field, but how can I ensure that the combination of them is unique?  It seems I can only select the 'unique' attribute on single fields, and when I create a custom formula field to concatenate those two fields, salesforce no longer presents the 'unique' checkbox on that formula-field.
Can someone please help me to make this simple thing work?