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Hi everybody,

I tried to find a way to order my custom tabs for my app but I can't find anything... I want a tab to show first and another one to show second, etc... Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance,
Hi everyone,

Is that possible to remove None from a picklist?
Hi everybody,

In a default value formula, we're only allowed/able to use these field types: $Organization, $Profile, $System, $User, $UserRole. Why can't we use custom fields in a default value formula?

It's all the more peculiar since it's possible to use custom fields in a validation rule formula.



We are currently looking for an Apex developer to help develop a custom Force.com application to be available on the AppExchange.
Please send us your resume (including previous development work on the force.com platform) at matthieu@productevo.com
-I have acted as the Product Lifecycle Responsible for Salesforce.com for hundreds of users.  This consists of Web Development, Project Management and Account Management.
-I have solely architected the system for a deployment of 2000 users for a Global deployment with multiple interfaces and customizations.
-I have created thousands of lines of Javascript and APEX for custom s-controls and Triggers to facilitate business needs.
-I have implemented system integrations using both Java and Cast Iron.  (SAP, SQL, SFDC<>SFDC, etc)
-I have utilized all features within Salesforce.com.  I am an expert with this system.
-I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and a Master's degree in Management Information Systems.

I would like to perform ad-hoc Salesforce.com development work, consisting of configuration projects, code development, system administration.  I can work with you for up to 20 hours per week.  This will be in addition to my full time job as a Salesforce.com Project Manager / Web Developer.  My turnaround time is lightning fast.

Do you have any upcoming projects that would require a Salesforce expert?  Do you have any custom APEX / s-controls / formulas / workflows / etc that you need created?  What else can I help you with?  I am willing to take any size project.

Send me an email at tannershamrock@gmail.com to request for services or more information.