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Our product line consists of 2 main product types:
Type 1:
Category + Filter
Filters are of 3 possible types:
a) multi-valued selection from a set of possible values
b) min and max numerical values
c) single-valued selection from a set of possible values
Pricing is based on several factors:
Category Price
Filter Surcharge
Quantity purchased
Type 2:
Category & State
Sold in Monthly increments although the current month can be pro-rated.
Limited availability (varies by state and website).
Can be sold several months at a time.

Phase 1:
Require the ability to construct invoices and maintain history of quotes in SalesForce.
Invoices may contain multiple Type 1 and Type 2 products.
Type 2 products cannot be invoiced (quoted) if not available.
If previously quoted (but not yet purchased) and no longer available, then need to alert sales representative that created the quote.
Both products may be discounted by manager override or by salesrep. Salesrep to have limited ability to discount.
Quotation document to be sent via echosign and contain:
Product Line Items + Parameters + Price
Client Company Name
Client Name
Client Phone Number
Client Payment Method:
If check ABA Routing # and Acct #
If credit card, Card Type, Card #, CVV, Exp date

Phase 2:
Need to process payment for invoiced product once client "electronically" signs and/or if signed via fax and after administrative review of invoice.
Once processed, product purchase information must be uploaded to oracle web database (provisioning).

Phase 3:
Allow for modification of filter criteria for Type 1 purchases (within limits).

Phase 4:
Download from Oracle web database information on number of leads received for each product purchased.
Provide effective CPI for Type 2 products to salesrep.
Alert salesrep if CPI is above/below a managerial assigned threshold.
Download quantity of feedback (by feedback type) provided by client for each product purchased from web Oracle database.
Download quantity of lead returns by return reason by product purchased (will only apply to Type 1 product).
Provide high level reporting to salesreps indicating # of leads received, CPI, # of leads with feedback, # of leads returned for each client.
Provide detailed reporting of information to marketing and management for all clients (summary and detail).
Provide ability for salesrep/management to see # of leads sold or received by system based on filters selected for last 30/60/90 days.
Provide information based on leads sold vs leads received but unsold.
All information is extractable from Oracle database.
Provide estimates based on quotes forecast probabilities of # of leads required so that marketing can ramp up/down.