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Our company has exidentally released our managed package with a web tab that was for testing purposes only.

Now we are unable to remove the webtab from the tab screen. It is still showing up when we click on the arrow to view all tabs.


The webtab is called: DevTest.


Is there a way to remove this from our package or even remove the web tab at all?




  • September 07, 2010
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I'm building a web app and trying to get lists out of SalesForce.com. The thing i am trying to do is make a List of Contacts that the user can make and then in my app they should be able to select a List of Contacts they made in Salesforce.com. So i made a view in contact's, but now i want to know what call i should make to the wsdl to get all the list views availeble for the user.

My wsdl object is:
public SforceService binding;

I already checked all the documentation i could find and the forum's and could only find one thread with almost the same question, but could not find a solution.
  • December 22, 2008
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