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I have a custom object with a related list to another custom object.  At the moment the related list is showing all related records.  However, I would like to be able to press a button to see only a subset of the related list items.


So, for example, there is a picklist field on the related object called "Type of Plan" which contains 3 possible values.  I would like to be able to have 3 buttons in the related list section that I could press, each of which gives me the related list for value 1, value 2 and value 3.


I thought I could add a custom button and some code to do this but cannot figure out how to do it (without resorting to a new VF page...).  A review of forum posts hasn't revealed anything.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!





Hi all,

There is an interesting S-Control in the Apexchange to create a link and update the company´s currencies, it is called Currency Exchange Rate Updater 1.0.

We want to use it in our organization, the problem is that we want a user with no Admin rights to execute it and the Date Conversion data, for some odd reason, requires this priviledges.

The question is if it is possible to execute API calls as a different user to overcome this limitation and have the code execute successfully by specific users. Here is the code in question (an extract of it) in case it helps clarify:

        var newConversionRate = new sforce.SObject("DatedConversionRate");
        newConversionRate.IsoCode = isoCurrencyCode;
        newConversionRate.ConversionRate = roundRate;
        newConversionRate.StartDate = today;
        //insert the record into SFDC
        try {
          var newConversionRateResult = sforce.connection.create([newConversionRate]);



  • January 12, 2009
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