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Is there some SOQL I can write to find out what the next number generated by an auto number field will be?  I want to see how much an auto number field jumps when I run my unit tests.  I'm not allowed to create a new record and simply look at it's auto number field.



I need to fetch the role for a user using SOQL, so I need to find out the field name of the lookup on the User object and the field name of the role title on the Role object.  Where can I find the documentation for this?  I looked in the Apex Code Developer's Guide but could not find the information.

I want to allow a user in my Developer Edition org to view a dashboard.  The user's profile is Standard Platform User.  The profile has the Run Reports box ticked, yet when I try to view the reports tab with that user I get an 'Insufficient Privelleges' error.  When I try to add a dashboard to the home page I get a message 'Please have your administrator enable at least one dashboard for you to view'.


How can I get this working?

Message Edited by IvanWatling on 08-19-2009 12:20 AM
The search lookup box is not working in my app for some objects.  If I leave the box empty and click Go I expect to see all the objects instances, but instead I see none.  If I enter the id of a known object it does find it.  Any ideas?