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We need a developer to create an API that pushes data after the sale to Salesforce. Would need to create a new Account/Contact, Opportunity, and product line items.  There are a few other details that we would need to be handled but that's the basics.  We want this to push in real time or at end of day.


We use Shopsite as our ecommerce platform. Here are there API specs: http://shopsite.com/developer_tools.html


We would have some additional development as we slowly build out things but this would be stage 1.




Kris Olson




  • May 27, 2009
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We originally brought in our contacts as contacts (not tied to an account) instead of accounts since these are B2C customers - which we now realize is not the best way to go. We have lots of activity histoy for each so don't want to do a mass delete and reimport.


We want to turn these contact into accounts - via the connector, we brought in the Contact ID and contact names - we then added the Account Name field (tried it by including the code and not including it) and populated that field with the Contact Name (we will use the same name for the Account as well). 


When we do the Update Selected Cells - we get an Invalid Label error.  Is it possible to do the above or are we do something wrong with the connector?


thanks in advance...



  • May 21, 2009
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