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I have following design in my vf page.


Salesforce tab => Tab Panels => Tab = > Panel Bar => Panel Bar items

I have used apex components inside the panel bar items.


When I want action on particular Tab/panel I do not want other getter setters to be invoked. because after some time it gives me  Too many SOQL queries : 101 error


When I am changing the request e.g. from url//<!--VF page-->?studentId=1 to url//<!--VF page-->?studentId=1 this error is coming.

So how should I avoid this. Or do I need to chnage whole design. I do not want getter setter from other panels to be invoked each time.

So what can be the solution. Is there a way to invoke only selected component in a panelbar on some event. 




  • August 13, 2009
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Is anybody have any example how to adjust visualforce page on different scren resolutions?

Any pointers can help


  • July 16, 2009
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I have created following structure in my application

Salesforce STANDARD Tab => TabPanel => Tab => Panelbar => PanelBarItem

SalesforceTab1 (Standard Salesforce Tab)

 S1_TabPanel1 (TabPanel)
  S1_TabPanel1_Tab1 (Tab)
   S1_TabPanel1_Tab1_PanleBar1 (PanelBar)






So is it possible to navigate between different panels in different tabs?

S2_TabPanel2_Tab1_PanleBar1_PanelBarItem2 => S1_TabPanel1_Tab1_PanleBar1_PanelBarItem2
If yes please share how to do that. Or if it is not possible then Is there atleast a way to navigate betwwen panels in sale salesforce tab but different tabPanels?

S1_TabPanel2_Tab1_PanleBar1_PanelBarItem2 => S1_TabPanel1_Tab1_PanleBar1_PanelBarItem1





  • July 16, 2009
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