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I'm sure this is much, much easier than I am ascribing to it...for some reason I am unable to vision my way into a first venture into APEX code.


I have read and read and read posts and have found a multitude that seem like they should be close but I can never quite transform them.  At now that I have hit 7 hours of reading and have made no progress I have to concede and ask for help.


I need a "fake" roll-up summary (I have created a field called "Trained Contacts" on my Account object that counts related Contacts when custom field "Date_of_Last_Implantation_Training__c" is not equal to null.  It has to recalculate when Contacts are added and that field is filled in, when Contacts are deleted (and therefore the count should go down) or when the contents of that field are deleted (rare, but usually only when there is a data entry error).


Anyone out there that can help me through my first Trigger?  I'm sure I can then study the code and then adapt if for other future uses if necessary (although we have made it 2 years without needing any heavy customization yet...).


Thank you in advance for your patience and any assistance you may be able to offer...



  • August 02, 2009
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