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I am getting timeout error (600 secs) - limit reached when trying to save code to SFDC.


Has anyone else got this error? I can also confirm that the site is operational (checked via trust.salesforce.com) and not currently under maintenance



Simon posted this code a while back.
sforce.Account a1 = new sforce.Account();
a1.Name = "Account 1";
sforce.Account a2 = new sforce.Account();
a2.Name = "Account 2";
sforce.SObject [] objs = new sforce.SObject [] { a1, a2 };

sforce.SaveResult [] sr = binding.create(objs);
foreach (sforce.SaveResult s in sr)
if (s.sucess)
Console.WriteLine("new Id {0}", s.id);
Console.WriteLine("failed with error {0} {1}" s.errors[0].statusCode, s.errors[0].message);
Does this line:  sforce.SObject [] objs = new sforce.SObject [] { a1, a2 };
 create a single instance of sObject that contains a1 and a2 or multiple instances of objs?  Is there a way to just create a1, then add that to objs and create the next a1 repeatedly until objs has everything in it to pass to update?

I am tring to replicate this in a way where I don't have to name things A1, A2, etc?  What I would essentially like to do is run a query, take the results of the query and update a custom date field so that I don't pull this again.  Not knowing how many records I am going to pull makes it both difficult and cumbersome to create a1,a2.etc.  Can anyone help me with this?  My C# is rusty.   I think I am making it harder than it actually is.  I am used to creating an instance, using it and then creating a new instance, but since the update needs everything at once I don't know how to do that.





I need help creating two custom fields that will go on the Opportunities Tab. They are very similar.


One will be called Non-recurring Revenue and the other is Recurring Revenue


The total of the two is the Opportunity Amount. The current Amount field pulls from all Products that are associated with the Opportunity. The products that I have are either Non-recurring or Recurring products.


Non-recurring Revenue = sum of products that are non-recurring

Recurring Revenue = sum of products that are recurring


I have used the Product Family feature as one way to distinguish each product as non or recurring and I've attempted to use a custom roll up field, but product family is not available. I'm open to other ways....


If there is an easy answer, I'm open to trying to implement any suggestions. I'm also offering to pay for support with this task.


I'm also going to post another request that will be titled "Need freelancer: Product Schedule - Monthly Quota" Please feel free to reply to both.




I have a custom Web Browsing object which is attached to a lead and tracks the lead's browsing history and stores it. When I convert the lead into a contact, the custom object's data (browsing history) does not get added after the conversion and is lost. Is there a way in salesforce to do this or it has to be done via backend code. Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you.

Is there a solution to this problem, in our organization we have to do mass update on Custom object to change Owner, or load the record from files or re-calculate the price based on New item cost.

Apex trigger works fine for all the auto-calculation but while doing Mass-Maintenance or updating more than 20 records. it started giving error message like

SampleFormAfter: execution of AfterUpdate

caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id a0J800000019TwKEAU; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, Price_Protection_Sales_Form: execution of BeforeUpdate

caused by: System.Exception: Too many SOQL queries: 21


Appreicate if you can help us with below question. 

.    Is there an easy and clean way to turn-off the Apex Trigger( Changing XML in live enviornment doesn't work nicely, User or Admin(other than SFDC developer can also do this vir UI)

.   Is this possible to avoid invoking Trigger for some User(say sample or test which we can use for Mass Maintenance), some of our Mass-maintenance doesn't require trigger to be called.

. Can we change the Governon limit or any trick which can be used in Trigger to remain withing limits.

. Is Salesforce Batch Apex available or ready to use







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