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We have an application that allows new requests.


On filling in the form, the user first saves a draft of it and then clicks on submit to finally submit it.


Requirement : Incase a user saves the draft but has not submitted it, he can come back to that request , edit it n then click submit. However another user also can now see this request and edit n submit it. This needs to be avoided.


Only the creator should be able to edit the request and submit. We have a read only layout. So any other user, shuold see the read only layout on clicking this request.


How can this be done?


Thanks in advance!





I have created a custom object with various fields. I need to develop a search form based on say request name, type of request etc (These are fields in the object).


I understand we need to use VF to create it. But i'm extremely new to this platform and would greatly appreciate some help.


Thanks in advance!




I need to populate a picklist with all the users under a particular profile.


Need Help.


The requirement is as below:

There are 2 Objects : A and B

Various page layouts are there in A and a related list of B is thr in A.


On A's Page layouts we can create mutliple instances of B ( B has a few text fields including email).


 Depending on the user, he can had 1 or more B's objects to A's layout and enter the details. The Problem : We need to send out emails to each of B's records added.


For Ex: while creating a records in A, the user can add say 3 B records.(B1,B2,B3) Whn the save button is clicked, we need to send out emails to B1,B2 and B3.


How can this be done?

Is it possible to have a single workflow that sends out emails to the respective emailing id's depending on the picklist value selected?


For ex: if a is selected in the picklist - mail a@xyz.com

if b is selected in the picklist - mail b@xyz.com