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Company in Fremont, CA is looking into hiring a professional trainer to manage the training/on-boarding of new parters to their partner program. I am the system administrator who has been building their portals and I would like to look into the possibility of bringing on someone that I can train to conduct the trainings as new partners are signed on.

The position would be purely contract - perhaps 10-15 hours at first, and then on an as needed basis.

There is also potential to grow a training program to extend to new internal users, best practice seminars, etc.


  • February 09, 2010
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I'm trying to write a workflow rule that takes the value from one field (Total Order Revenue) and populate it into another field (Amount).

Easy enough formula - I just wrote the formula to equal:



Problem: It's only returning absolute values. Regardless of if the Total Order Revenue field has a positive or negative value, it will always populate a positive value in the Amount field.

I'm in the 11th hour of rolling out a new implementation and just hit this snag - HELP!

Thanks in advance!! 

  • October 08, 2009
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