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Hi there, 


I have a list of products, and would like to relate each product to other products. I can create a lookup relationship, but this isn't quite right; each product has one, but in most cases more, related projects. How can we create this relationship?


I have tried:


Master-Detail through a connector object (doesn't seem to work, since the connector objects have to be unique)

Lookup relationship (doesn't seem to work because the lookup can only be to a single instance of each object)


Any other ideas?




Greetings all, 


I'm building an application with a modestly more interesting object structure that I've attempted in the past, and would love your thoughts about how to accomplish it. The database will help us develop free math learning tools for elementary and middle school kids (we're a SF Foundation-supported 501(c)(3)).




Here's a simple schematic [pdf link], and what follows is a description:


Mathematical Operations: Has a many-to-many connector with Concepts, Relations, Properties.  


Mathematical Concepts:Has a many-to-many connector relation with Operations.


Mathematical Relations: Has a many-to-many connector relation with Operations. 


Mathematical Properties: Has a many-to-many connector relation with Operations. 


Test Scores: Currently has a lookup relation to Operations, Concepts, Relations and Properties.  


Bugs: Currently has a lookup relation to Operations, Concepts, Relations and Properties.



Our Challenge:


It turns out that we also need for Test Scores to have a many-to-many relationship with all core objects (Operations, Concepts, Relations, Properties). However, it seems that each object can only have a single Master-Detail relationship -- is this the case?


If so, is there any way we can accomplish this diagram?






Hi there, 


We're running a Sites application at http://citizenschools.force.com/ctapp/ that allows people to sign up to be volunteers with our organization.


On Sunday, 10/11 at 11:30PM EST, we suddenly started to receive Apex Application errors (no changes had been made to the system that day, or in the preceding days).  


The error is:


Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: 00540000000oi8Q/00D400000008qgXVisualforce Page: /ctapp/apex/CT_Application_Page4System.SObjectException: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: CT_Application__c.Region__cClass.ctApplicationPage4.<init>: line 17, column 14External entry pointDebug Log:


Any ideas about what could have gone wrong, and where? We're thinking it's a permissions/access issue, but nothing seems to have changed!


Thanks so much,