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Can the upsert with relationships be used with Data Loader's command line?  If so, are there any examples of an SOQL statement that will do this?  I am attempting to pull Customer data from Oracle R12 and migrate this to SF but need to also include location and owner (account manager) data.  One is a reference from Account and the other is a reference to Account (child).  I can pull the data from Oracle using DataLoader's command line and upsert SF but I don't know how to get the owner id (unknown in Oracle) or the location id (also unknown in Oracle).  This is a one way interface.

Is it possible to write a class that extends a custom VF controller, and then use the new class as the controller for a page?  Can I extend a class that is itself an extension of a standard controller, as opposed to a fully-custom controller?


It's the latter that I'm trying to do right now.


I tried creating an extension.  I added the "virtual" keyword to my existing controller, then defined a new child class something like so:


public class CTRL_CustomWizard extends CTRL_FooWizard {


 but I get the error "Parent class has no 0-argument constructor for implicit construction"



 Does this mean I can't do it, or do I need to do something else?  The constructor in the parent class can't have no arguments, because it's an extension of a standard controller, so the constructor is defined like:


public CTRL_FooWizard (ApexPages.StandardController controller) {


Thanks much!


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I'd like to know how DataLoader 10 sets a field for Upsert based on External ID.  What attribute of the Contact sObject does it set?  Also, it asks for 2 records for foreign key External ID Upsert (Account and Reports To).  What does it actual DO with the field selected in order to tell SalesForce to use it and why doesn't that apply to other foreign keys (i.e. Owner).