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Is there any API support for custom settings. We want to create a VFP page to create/update custom settings. 
Is there any API support available to access fiscal years (Setup->Company Profile->Fiscal Year). Can i access and do CRUD operations on Fiscal Year from apex code?

I have created a formula which is using a custom setting. The formula works fine on developer edition vfp page , but not working with customer portal page. It gives #Error ! as value on Page. 


the formula field is like this :





Any idea, please let me know whats the problem in using with customer portal.


I have executed following query to retrieve owner details of the account,


Select a.Owner.Fax, a.Owner.Phone, a.Owner.Email, a.Owner.Title, a.Owner.Name, a.Owner.FirstName, a.Owner.LastName, a.Owner.Username, a.OwnerId From Account a


But somehow only following fields are retreived:

{Name=Demo System, Email=demo@akritiv.comFirstName?=Demo, Id=005A0000000YnfSIAS,LastName?=System}  


You will see that Owner Name,Email values are coming but phone title etc are not coming. 


Anybody has any idea on this. Please let me know.