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Is this possible with apex and metadata api ?


What do you think it's the best approach/flow when you need to feed an extjs grid with json data ?

1) apex:repeat within js code.

2) to fetch json from another page ( I mean here that my extjs-grid url property value would be a visualforce page which would call a controller  )

3) other idea ?


Thanks in advance.

Originally it was supposed to be Feb 15th --> http://developer.force.com/releases/release/Spring10/IDE


Then Tech Support told me it would be March 5th.


Today is March 7th and I still don't see it.


Does any know what is going on with the plugin? (or does SFDC just want to keep the developers in the dark)




is it possbile to delete custom fields from a custom objects by using the metadata api in eclipse ? 

Currently when I do this, the .object files is refreshed with the previous content.


Thanks in advance