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Does anyone still use this connector for Excel or is there a newer/more advanced version.


We currently use it to help manage our pricebook data and I would like to be able to upload asset information. However, it seems that I cannot upload custom lookup fields.




First off, thanks in advance for any help with this question. I am relatively new to Salesforce.com and this is my first post! Woohoo! Anyway.....


I have two custom fields in my Opportunity page. The first is a required picklist called "Sales Assistance" and the second is a user lookup field called "Sales Resource." What I would like to happen is that if, when saving the opportunity, a user sets the Sales Resource picklist to "No" then the user lookup is automatically populated with the Opportunity owner. If it is yes, then the user will have to select a user on their own (and I have set up a validation rule for this already).


I can set up the workflow but field updates only allow me to select ONE specific user, not the user in a field. This is what my workflow rule currently says, in case this helps:


Rule CriteriaAND(
ISBLANK( Sales_Resource__c ) ,
ISPICKVAL(Sales_Assistance1__c , "NO" )
Evaluation CriteriaEvery time a record is created or edited