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Our project-management application has a structure as follows: A Project_Template object has multiple Task_Template objects, which has multiple Dependency_Template objects, which has multiple Dependency_Filter objects.


I am currently building a class that walks through the project template and populates a new project based on the existing template(s).


I would have liked to select everything at once in a single SOQL query (like below) so that I can easily iterate through it.



this.projectTemplate = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Dependency_Filters__r) FROM Dependency_Templates__r) FROM Task_Templates__r) FROM Project_Template__c WHERE Id = :ProjectTemplateId];


But of course, this is giving me the "SOQL statements cannot query aggregate relationships more than 1 level away from the root entity object." error.


So, my next thought was to write a wrapper class that queries each object as needed, that I could still iterate through. This task is proving more complex than I bargained for, and I am looking for an easier way to handle this entire process.


I can't imagine I'm the only one to have this issue. Is there anyone who could point me in the right direction, maybe some code samples?


Thanks in advance.



I would like to ask if any expert know how to develop the Lookup button in the Visualforce Page. Thanks!

Best regards


  • February 26, 2009
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