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Here is my example. I create a training record and send an email out to users to register, they login and register for the class, but they would like to have this event saved on their calendar. I want them to be able to click a button and it would open up a calendar appointment and they would be able to save the event on their Outlook calendar.

Hi All,


I have a requirement to show # of open Task on Lead Detailpage. Below is the logic that we are planning to implement. I would like tocheck with you if any one has implemented similar functionality handling BULK insert/update.If so could you please share the code?


Trigger on Task <after insert after update>



    for (Task thistask : Trigger.new)


    // Get all leads assosited to Tasks

    if (WhoId.startsWith('00Q'))               




FOR each Lead

           SelectCount() from Task where whoId=LeadId and Status=Completed

           Updatecustom field “ Open Task” on  Lead object

End Loop   




Thank You .