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As part of the approval workflow in salesforce, when a request is either approver or rejected, an email goes back to the submitter notifying that his/her request has been approved and/or rejected. Is there a way to include Approver's comments in that email so that Submitter knows the reason why it was approved/rejected? It seems simple enought to just pull Approver's Comments field on the email however we've been told that it isn't easy to accomplish. If anyone has done this before, I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge on this matter. Thanks.



Is there a way to send attachments associated with accounts and/or opportunities to someone who doesn’t have a Salesforce license via a system-generated email? The issue is that we customized and implemented Salesforce solution mainly for Sales staff. When a deal is done, we then need to somehow send some basic account/opportunity information and related documents (resided in Salesforce under an Opportunity) to an Account Executive. Currently, we are able to send an auto-generated email out to an Account Executive with account and opportunity information as part of the body of the email. Is there a way for us to be able to also send Salesforce attachments (associated with Opportunities) or links to those documents in the same email? This would allow our staff to be a lot more efficient as we are currently manually downloading documents from Salesforce and sending them to Account Executives. Thank you for your time.