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Hi there


I am trying to move the current workflow processes that we are designing on Firefly to the new Force.com Flow platform that came out with Spring11 release.


It seems that to run Flows you now need an additional Force.com flow license which was not the case with the old Firefly system.  Short of acquiring licenses for the 50 or so internal users and 1000 proposed customer portal users I'm wondering if anyone can advise what the reasoning was behind this and how Salesforce are proposing to use the designer in the future?


I have seen mention of embedding flows in Visualforce pages but having never used Visualforce i'm not familiar with it.



Hi there


I am trying to setup a new service provider for our Salesforce organisation.  I have setup our salesforce domain and have been given the webservice URL from the SP to add into the ACS section of the service provider config.


The problem at the moment is that we are not seeing any traffic between Salesforce and the SP when I use the Idp initiated URL.  All that happens is that we get a "web page not found" error and an Error 6 (net: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) message.


Currently the SP has only setup a webservice to listen for incoming communication so that they can create their own SAML response so I wonder if there is something else that may need configured on their end before we can send messages over?


Any advice would be great.