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I'm definitely not an expert in SF and am still learning quite a bit, but do have a solid background in programming and data structures.


What I'm trying to acomplish is to create a Report that has the Monthly Sales Figures with both a MTD (Month to Date) and a Runrate Value for the month based on the number of fiscal days left in the month.



RunRate = (MTD Sales / # of completed fiscal days) * Total # of Fiscal Days in Month


Within the report builder there are some neat things that calculate using fiscal time periods, but no functions for time at all.  So then I took a look at Formula fields on the object, but can't seem to find much that references the fiscal calendar in SF.  Of course our fiscal calendar does not match the calendar and we use 4-5-4 fiscal months.


Any suggestions for acomplishing this, either within the Report directly or by using a Formula Field?