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Can you make it so only a few people have the option to delete things in Salesforce? We are having a problem with users deleting things instead of updating statuses.

We are marketing a webinar through the Predictive Response email tool. When a campaign member status hits Completed we want it to trigger an Email Template (already set up in Salesforce) to be sent. We have added this code in to the form but it's not working. Any ideas how to get this to work? We are using Professional Edition. Here is the code and template part is in red.


<input id="lead_source" type="hidden" name="lead_source" value="Webinar - Adaptive Design, Jan 2010" /> <input id="Campaign_ID" type="hidden" name="Campaign_ID" value="70140000000TCSO" /> <input type="hidden" name="Status" value="Complete" /> <input id="Webinar_Template_1" type="hidden" name="Webinar_Template_1" value="1" /> </form>>

We have some duplicate accounts that need to be merged. We use the professional edition and have an option to merge contacts but not accounts. How do we go about doing this?



We are using the professional edition of salesforce. With all editions you cannot pull a account/contacts report (to get all contacts associated with a particular account) and filter out open opportunities. You can only do this if a contact is associated with a particular opportunity.


I have used the enterprise edition and we created a trigger that updated a field titled Open Opportunities on the Account Detail page so we could easily exclude prospects with open opportunities from an email marketing campaign. However, we currently have the professional edition where you cannot build triggers. Does any one have a work around for this issue?


Thank you!

I have a client that wants quotas for sales reps for qualified contacts, hours of resources used, etc.  to appear in a dashboard report that shows quota to actual by rep.  Any ideas?