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If you are an energetic individual (freelance developer), interested in joining a 'small start-up' team as a development partner, please continue.... If you are looking for a paid job or a placement company looking for business - this may not be for you, as our start-up is not funded yet. 

We are small IT start-up focused on developing product (cLc solution) for small and medium businesses in the public sector space, on as SAAS model. We have a clear vision and scope for a software solution/product for US government contracting companies to manage their entire contract life cycle and be compliant with government acquisition rules/regulations. It covers both business development and delivery cycles - specific to public sector and is more than a typical CRM+PMO kind of a solution. Our business idea is vetted with industry experts. We do have good functional/business requirements and a promising business model to build a product and service.

Currently, we are developing a prototype using Microsoft .Net technologies (ASP.net, C#, SQL Server2008, Telerik) and our prototype is almost ready. Considering the hosting issues, market trend towards cloud, we are keen on converting or re-engineering our product/prototype on FORCE.COM platform. I can share the details later, once we have a trusting relationship.

We are looking for a development partner, who is willing to take risk with us and helps us in developing/converting the application on Force.Com platform, as a OEM standalone product (not connected to their CRM). We are already approved as ISV partner in their network and established some relationship there. We are looking for small team of developers who are experts on Force.com platform (Apex, VisualForce, Flash, Eclipse, etc). Please note that our core team is not experienced on force.com platform. We are not looking for big company or resource providing company here, as we can’t afford them. It has to be small group of developers who would work with us, take risk and succeed together. We are open to little cost reimbursement now and revenue sharing to equity participation options and it depends on what you bring to the table.

There are certain key techno-functional requirements (Microsoft Project Gantt chart, Excle like nested Spreadsheets for pricing and financial analysis, SharePoint like document management functionality, Process/mind mapping functionality, contracts data tracking...) and you should be confident of developing those - which are considered to be complex by other developers, but are doable. We wish there are Telerik like (for .net platform) control providers on the force.com platform, which would have made our job easy. We have seen those being built by other ISV partners, which convinced us that these are possible to do on the platform.

If this meets your creativity zeal and want to become a founding member of a (potential) successful venture, please send me an email with some details on your experience .. We would like to hear from your and your interest to bid for this joint development effort. 




We are trying to develop an application for public sector, where the government issues huge RFPs (request for proposal). We receive those huge RFPs  (electronic copies, MS word/pdf), which will have always section A through M, as appendices, to describe their needs.

Our  need is to transpose/parse those important requirements into a relational tables,  Without manually typing all of those requirements. I am looking for eReader like solution, where you open these RFPs  through a reading panel/frame in force.com application and highlight those important texts to be moved (drag & drop) into a database table, as the RFP requirements. Usually the business analyst will open theses electronic documents and select (drag) some of those texts as key requirements to compose 'compliment metrics' (grid). Then these requirements are tracked throughout the proposal development process, including color team reviews.


Any tools, ideas to get started on solving this challenge? Appreciate your suggestions.


I am in the public sector/government business and we are developing an application on force.com. we need to generate huge proposal documents (300 to 500 pages long) and the content is derived form the custom objects in our applications.  Transaction system would have captured all the data elements, which needs to be connected to infer some of the briefing outputs. I tried s-docs and has issues after 20 pages.


Appreciate you sharing ways to generate documents like, word, excel and powerpoint, using a template or not.

Thanks for clicking this. I am a newbie and coming from .NET world and trying to convert an app to force.com. 


I am looking for a basic tools/control that shows all my records (from multiple custom objects) in a grid and allow me to edit some of their cell values. Assume a 6 columns by 12 row table or list, I want to edit one column (rate) value for all the rows at the same time (SAVE/UPDATE)/operation.  Or one cell after another, without having to select each and every row/record.


I have too many grids of different dimensions in my application and the end-user (approver) needs to edit multiple records in one operation. I need your help to develop this functionality, WITHOUT USING A THIRD PARTY AppXchange tool, due to cost/security reasons. If you have any code library please share it.


Also, In my .NET world, we have a wonderful developer toolset call TELERIK from http://www.telerik.com/products/aspnet-ajax/grid.aspx    Has anybody seen such developer tooset on force.com platform, other then gridBuddy?


Thanks for your help.

Had a query.How should we approach in creating Sub-Tabs under tabs(Custom Objects) in Salesforce.
e.g:Something like instead of sections i would like to implement sub-tabs under each Tabs.
 Like Under "Customer"  Tab
     would like to add sub -tabs "Contact","Address Details","Bandk Details" like this.
is there a way using  Salesforce API.
Karthik Rajan