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I am trying to create php form page where the data gets created from the php form into Salesforce custom object using php and rest api.


Basically, we have people applying for jobs—and people can publically apply for jobs using the php form.


I have a visualforce page here: http://thrive.force.com/opportunities


But, I wanted to know how I can do that using php and rest api.


Any help will be appriciated!

Is there any way you can bulk edit a field for multiple records in soqlxplorer oppose to editing per record?





Here is my problem


I have a picklist filed that has two values in "Obeject A"


value = Approved

value = Not Approved


Now I have an "Object B" and has a formula field that gets that value from "Object A"


I created a workflow for "Object B" when the formula filed consist of value "Approved" it will send an email alert.


Although the formula filed from "Obejct B" is reading the values from "Object A", workflow rules and email alerts are not working.


Any thoughts?

Does anybody know how to add inline google maps into Salesforce contacts (Not accounts)?

I am trying to show and hide <div> when a drop down from a list from a custom field.


For example, if I have a dropdown value of

1) value 1

2) value 2

3) value 3


When I select value 3, it will show a hidden <div> with jQuery in visualforce page.


I can do this in the standard html page, using ids and classes—but I don't know how to put id's or classes' on value 3 because it is a custome field from salesforce...

I am creating a email template with custome date field.


I would like to make it display March 8, 2012 rather than 3/15/2012.


Is there a way to format this?

I have a customer who joined one of our chatter group.

They are able to access through chatter desktop, but the access is denied for mobile apps.


As an admin, where can I enble mobile chatter app for customers to access our group chatter?

How do I let the public users enter data through a public form that was made through custom objects and force.coms site?


For example, I made a custome object called "custom-x" and created a visual force page using "custom-x" object fields.

Then, I created a site and made that visual force page my homepage.


My problem is that my custom objects are not showing up in my site:



I have a enterprise salescloud—and having trouble changing the login settings.


I hope this made sense.


Public Website:



Visualforce Page:



Login Setting:




I am hoping to create a form similar to something like this with custom objects:



Hello Salesforce community,


I am still learning about salesforce so I hope I am posting it to the right board.


So, I was trying to update and install an app from AppExchange...  and I got an email notification from Salesforce regards to installation failure.  As I look at the problem, it has to do with "too many DML rows"


Here is a screen shot:



Would anybody able to help and guide me to install this app correctly?




Anthony Lee