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Is there a way to query for any profiles which have "View Encrypted Data" permission enabled? That permission doesn't show up in the schema like, for example, PermissionsModifyAllData does so I'm wondering if it's exposed in any way.

I'm trying to map some survey results in the Zoomerang AppExchange app to our Quote object but in the list of Salesforce objects we can map responses to, the Quote standard object doesn't appear. Anyone run into this problem before? I've created a custom object that has a Lookup field for the Quote object (called Quote__c) and that custom object shows up in the Zoomerang object mapping list but when I try to add a mapping to the Quote__c field - the field isn't in the list. If I change the field to a text field called Quote__c it shows up. Perhaps the Zoomerang app was written prior to the Quote object being introduced??