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I'm looking for a Salesforce and cmsforce expert to prepare a landing page on a force.com site for me.

I need to email an existing contact a link to register for an event, and to update his contact details in the process. This would be done on a Force.com site.


This needs to be done quite urgently. It is a fairly straightforward job.




  • September 28, 2011
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hi all,


i've created a landing page and am working on adding a web form to my cmsforce page and am having a problem.  i want to add campaign member fields, but not all of them are showing up.  seems only custom fields appear, and not default ones like first name, last name, etc.  i'm looking to do something similar to what's shown in this demo (around 37:00)




am i doing something wrong?  does something need to be set to allow cmsforce access to default fields?  any help would be greatly appriciated.  thanks!