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   I wrote a trigger agnist Feeditem .The problem is , When any other user writes a feed to me then the trigger gets fired but when I write my own(I.e when I change my status) the trigger is not fired . Also when I update any object (That I selected for feed tracking) the trigger is not fired .

   Please help me with this.

Using classic Eclipse 3.6.2 (helios) with latest IDE plugin.


1. I create a new Force.com project.


2. Enter name, password, login criteria, etc., click Next.


3. Click "Choose...", next to "Selected metadata components:"


4. Window titled "Progress Information" displays the message: 

"Fetching Component Metadata"


5. A few components flash by and the progress bar advances about 15%



An error message displays:

"Unable to refresh file metadata:

Connection timed out: connect"


- Error does not happen on cs9 but does happen on cs8 and tapp0.

- I am not behind a proxy.

- This happens even when my firewall and antivirus programs are turned off.

- Also got same error using Eclipse Helios for Java and Eclipse Ganymede Classic.


Can anyone help?