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When using "printable view" on a Page, the printed page only captures the visible lines from the Custom field of type Long Text Area. Can there be a way to export the complete information of that cutom field.

We are considering moving to person accounts. In some scenarios, we have both husband and wife has customers. Some of the products are purchased by customers individually, and some together. How can such a scenario be implemented using person accounts?

I am migrating data from Professional edition of a Salesforce to Enterprise edition of Salesforce. I am running into an issue when exporting Tasks from Professional. Since Professional edition does not support data loader, we are using reports to export data out of Professional edition.


To export the tasks, we use three reports –


a)    Accounts with Activities (with filter task is equal to true)

b)    Contacts with Activities (with filter task is equal to true)

c)    Opportunities with Activities (with filter task is equal to true)


It appears we are getting duplicate tasks among these reports.


To get all tasks from the Professional edition, should we use the “Tasks and Events” Activity report and set the dropdown for Show to Tasks.

So I want to know which is the correct method of retrieving data.



I have a VF page that I'm using as a component on my dashboard.  The data often exceeds to the pixel height that I set in the dashboard component options, but I don't want to increase the height of the component window.  Instead, I want to all the VF page to scroll within the dashboard.  Any ideas on how to do that?


Thanks for your help!