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What are the integration options available for integrating SFDC with on-premise application like Oracle EBS? Is Dell boomi integration an option for such kind of integration? Additionally if someone can point to some good documentation around such on-demand to on-premise integration, it would be great!!!

  • December 19, 2011
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In my app the project__c is the parent and Opportunity is the child.Iam having a lookup relationship between  project__c and opportunity. 


 There is number field called units on both objects. The project__c has total units. When an opportunity is created for certain number of units, the total units on the project__c has to be updated by deducting the opportunity units.


Will be waiting for a response.


Thanks in advance!

  • December 03, 2011
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I am starting from scratch and would like to get an opinion or two.


I am a direct writer insurance company and will be using SF as a B2C model.....what is the best approach on that?


Secondly, I want to bring leads into the system via a post from our lead provider......Is there a way that I can set up different Tabs for a lead....for example, I would like to have one section that has Auto information, one section to have Driver information, another section on previous Claims, etc...  Or do I just have to create it all on one lead form and then split it up when I convert that lead to a contact?  


At the point that they are a contact, would it be best to have a seperate object for each?