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I was working in my sandbox environment trying to figure out the API calls - i had saved my refresh token during my testing but it was lost sometime later during my testing. 


Now when I try to hit the API i am receiving: 


"expired access/refresh token" 


How do I get around this now?  I do not have a refresh token so i cannot make a request to refresh my token, and i'm not sure how to expire / delete / revoke it via the UI so that I can proceed with my testing.  



my cUrl call is as follows: 



    --form client_id=3MVG92.u...2KycWe
    --form client_secret=668...930
    --form grant_type=password
    --form username=mike....com
    --form password=*#()@*#$@
  https://test.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token --proxy --insecure





I recently upgraded my Force.com IDE (and all projects) to the Winter '12 release. Since upgrading, I've been observing that when I attempt to run unit tests against an Apex class, it often takes a very long time to execute. Even relatively simple tests sometimes take a minute or two to complete. The time doesn't seem to be spent during test execution, but rather during the "preparing results..." phase (based on the progress indicator in the IDE). Reducing the log level doesn't seem to have any impact one way or the other. I've also seen it simply get stuck in the "preparing results..." phase to the point where I had to kill the Eclipse process. Anyone else seeing this?

  • January 04, 2012
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